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Home Décor for Amarillo, TX

A Unique Way To Decorate Your Place

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We at Urban Giraffe offer a wide variety of furnishings and accessories which will help you with your home décor. Your home is where your heart is, and we believe that it should be a place of comfort and warmth. The large collection that you see at our furniture store will truly complete every individual's home décor ideas.

The furniture that we offer includes dining tables, coffee tables, chair sets, decorative shelves and other home decor essentials. 

We have corner shelves, wall shelves and key holders of many different designs and colors which would suit the theme that you have in mind.
The walls of your home are the perfect space for expression. These areas can be filled with many creative pieces that are offered at Urban Giraffe. There are decorative mirrors , Decorative Wall Clocks, vintage clocks, photo frames and other such home accessories and eclectic decor that you can use to personalize your walls!

We even offer many unique paintings, panels, pillow sets and other such accents that you can use in your home to give it a beautiful, fresh look. The pieces are designed using a variety of different materials and can be used to complement many themes. They can also make up the items on a quite unique wedding registry!

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Unique Eclectic Décor For Your Home

Our collection of accessories and other home decor accents include vintage hand-held mirrors, figurines, showpieces, vases, collage picture frames and other sets. We even offer faux flowers, sculptures, art installations, religious symbols, candle stands and much, much more! All these decoratives come in a variety of different colors and sizes to suit every room! 
The best part is that you can choose individual elements and customize the look of your room down to every last detail.

Visit our furniture store today and get immersed in our huge collection of home decor accessories.
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