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We at Urban Giraffe understand that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and we try to make it as memorable as possible! 

The event marks the beginning of a new life with your partner, so we do everything we can to ensure that you have a comfortable life in your new home.
Our unique wedding registry is a great way for friends and family to combine their efforts in providing the bride and groom everything they need in their new home. Once you join our unique Wedding Registry, we will provide a list for the bride and groom to fill out. They can populate the list with the essentials they would require in their future home. This includes any and all of the unique and beautiful collection that we have available at Urban Giraffe.

Once the wedding registry list is decided we will make it available to all your friends and family members who would visit your store to buy presents for your wedding. You can be assured that we will not allow the wedding gifts they buy to overlap. That way, you would not have to deal with receiving extra pieces of the same home furnishings, and your friends and family members know that they have made an important contribution towards your beautiful life together!
Your friends and family members can refer the bridal registry and make all their purchases using a credit card or even over the phone. The best part is, we at Urban Giraffe will even assist you with the interior design of your new home so that you begin your married life living in a warm and beautiful setting!

Call us up or visit us at our store today to know more about our unique wedding registry and have a wonderful wedding!
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